Feel sorry for and pity the Alienator

This touched so many aspects of our particular case of parental alienation, we had to share it.

Parental Alienation

Have pity and feel sorry for the alienating parent.

I speak from experience, you do not have to be a psychologist or social worker to work it out. The alienator – (be them a parent, sibling or grandparent) obviously has severe insecurity issues and much emotional baggage.

By alienating a child from people or relatives around them, they feel they are securing their own love from that child – by process of elimination!! If they are the only remaining person in that childs/adult childs life the only option for that child (adult child) is to love that remaining person in their life – it’s not rocket science!!! By putting themselves first and depriving the child (children) of loving relatives they are instilling a behavioural habit into that child/adult child for later years. That child, or those children in multiple cases, will grow up thinking it is perfectly normal behaviour…

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