2 types of alienated children

Parental Alienation

Did you know that there are 2 types of alienated children (in my opinion.) There is the “Oblivious Child” and the “Hostage Child.” Let me explain.

The “Oblivious Child”

This is a child who has absolutely no clue that they are living under the spell of alienation. They fully accept the reality that has been created for them; the controlling parent is always right, and the alienated parent is always wrong. This ignorant “bliss” keeps their life in relative peace…as long as the alienated parent doesn’t dare try to show and interest in their life or express love. When that happens, the manipulation and feeding of false stories gets kicked into high gear. The “how dare they…” expressions come out in full force and because the child has been so used to this conditioning, they go right along with it. In fact, with each episode their belief is re-enforced and…

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