One Casualty of Parental Alienation – Birthdays

Hawaii's Parents Against Parental Alienation


Severely alienated children will try to prove the alienating parent is correct in their assessment of the targeted parent. After all, why would a parent lie and say bad things about the other parent if it’s not true?

It is certainly the case in mine. If I called to talk to my son, he has to let Mom know that I never even tried. If I gave my son money, he had to tell her that I didn’t give him anything. If I told Mom something and she, in turn, questioned him about it, he would flat out deny it so that I would be the liar.

When my son came down during a past visit, we had a birthday cookout to celebrate his birthday that occurred earlier that month. Family and friends (friends he had since he was 5) came to hang out and celebrate, offering him gifts.


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