As one year ends and another begins ……

Our hope to all those struggling with maintaining a relationship with their children is that they find peace in the new year.  Whether it be good news:  forming a bond, and being able to sustain that bond.  Or whether it be a less pleasant outcome:  when a parent finally gives up.  Either way, our wish to each and every person following this blog is that you find peace.  Peace in your own heart, in your own life and in your own relationships.

Life is too short to carry anger and hatred with you on a daily basis.

Live life to it’s fullest.  Enjoy the small things that come your way, and let go of the things you have no control over.  You never know what tomorrow might bring, and the time wasted on animosity and hostility toward others — even though it may be well deserved 🙂 — takes away from the positive things life has to offer.

Happy New Year Everyone!



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