Do Something Now!

When we reached 10,000 views — which passed by so quickly we didn’t even get a chance to comment on the milestone — we wanted to write and let you all know how much we hope this blog in some small way, shape or form helps those out there dealing with parental alienation, grandparents who are victims of “grandparent” alienation or step-parents who find themselves in difficult situations.

We’ve been through it all …….

We’re still amazed by the lengths our alienating parent will go to in order to assure the parent / child relationship between her children and her former spouse remains at an end.  In our particular case, the alienating parent was successful.  She “won.”  Being the narcissist that she is, that should make her feel good.  She’s superior as a parent and a grandparent.

But we can’t help thinking about the children and grandchildren.

How much better off would they be today if they had had a relationship with their father and grandfather?  He’s a kind, loving man.  But, unfortunately, he made a bad decision, when he chose to have children with one particular person.  He regrets that decision, only because of the harm it has caused those children.  And now we have grandchildren, who are being raised in the same environment and being taught to hate at such a young age.

Our only hope is that our story will help others.  You’re not alone.  Parental alienation and difficulties with step-parenting are a much-too-common occurrence in today’s society.

Our targeted parent may no longer have a relationship with his children and grandchildren, but he can feel proud that he is trying to make a difference, trying to help others in the same situation, who might learn from his choices.

He has chosen to share the story of his Journey Through Parental Alienation with the hope that it might make a difference to someone else.  Whether it simply be the fact that you are not going through this alone, or whether someone can learn from the difficult lesson that he learned:  Don’t wait until your children are adults because, by that point, it may be too late.   Do Something Now!

Our targeted parent wants to take his Journey Through Parental Alienation and make it in to a book for his children and grandchildren to have after he is gone.

Maybe then, they’ll realize exactly what happened …… and what they missed out on?


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