Estranged Adult Children who still live in “Wonderland”


In their minds they still live in a fairy tale world, such as “Neverland”, “The Land of OZ”, and “Wonderland”.rsz_fairytaleland We have all heard the sob stories about how misunderstood they were by their parents, or how their Moms and/or Dads didn’t buy them a pony, blah blah blah.
Let’s get one fact out-of-the-way:
Almost every adolescent has a problem with his, or her parents.
So big damned deal, get over it! You’re what, 30 ? 40 ? And you’re still not speaking to one, or both of your parents? Or, you’re sniping at them? Or, you’re still obsessing over what your Mom, or Dad said (or did) to you 15-20 years back ?over all that “I hate my parents” melodrama by the time they’re 25 are too self-absorbed to be in any relationship. It means that they can’t let go of whatever slight, or petty thing their parents said, or did, while on the 
Hey, I…

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