Healthy minds want to fix things; unhealthy minds do not.

Alienation is a Human Tragedy

               Our grandchildren do not deserve this. It is not their fault.

 “I can think of few examples in the field of family problems in which one category of persons is free to inflict misery on another effortlessly and without social sanction.”   Marilyn Daniels, PhD.

The dynamics of a family can be torn apart by selfish choices made by adult children. This can cause a separation in the family that separate grandchildren from grandparents. It is a  damage that can take years to repair, and sometimes never gets repaired.

Finally, there is AGA, is a safe place where discussions can happen about intergenerational family dynamics, support, and direction shared. AGA aims to help our aging population.

Grandparents are an intricate part of raising and loving unconditionally our young ones, and preparing them for society. They can perform as outstanding role models, especially if there is chaos in their home.  Unhealthy minds in a family create chaos. Healthy minds want to fix things, unhealthy minds do not.

Grandparents provide a balance in grandchildren’s lives that no one else can replicate. Studies have shown that multi-generational contact between children and their grandparents provides a special unconditional love and nurturing which is healthy for children.  The quality of attachment is very strong, and contributes to our grandchildren’s sense of self.

[Source:  Alienated Grandparents Anonymous (AGA), Inc.]


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