Parental Alienation Raises Entitled Adults

Hawaii's Parents Against Parental Alienation

Yesterday, I checked up on an older, recently widowed stepmother. She was saddened about her current situation with her husband’s three adult children, her stepchildren. When her husband was alive and in very poor health, not one of them called or checked up on him. After his passing, they attended at least one of the prayers that was held at the house.

Then they started communicating with their half-sister (daughter of the stepmother) to ask about “what Dad left behind”, like his will. They were wondering who owned the house, what would happen to the cars, life insurance money, etc etc. The half-sister, who is a young adult, adamantly told them that it was none of their business, but these siblings still inquire only with their sister, never their stepmother.

How sad is that? How sad it is that to entitled children, we become more “valuable” after we die because…

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