15 Versions of Toxic People — Parental Alienation

The Controller. The Taker. The Absent. The Manipulator. The Bullshitter. The Attention Seeker. The One Who Wants to Change You. The One You Want to Change. The Abuser. The Jealous One. The Worse-Off One. The Sideways Glancer. The Cheater. The Liar. The One Who Laughs at Your Dreams.

via 15 Versions of Toxic People — Parental Alienation

It’s Easier to Build Strong Children Than to Repair Broken Adults

Children need both parents, and that doesn’t change just because the child’s parents are no longer together.  Instead of trying to bolster your own parental identity, think about the damage being done to your child when you attempt to destroy the child’s relationship with the other parent.  Children should not have to take sides.  Children should be permitted to enjoy their childhood and grow into healthy adults.

Build Strong Children