Rest In Peace?

Those who have been following our story know that we lost my husband to a terminal illness last year.  He was incredibly proud of his Irish ancestry, so the grandchildren each painted a small rock — one green, one white and one orange — for the Irish flag.  We put those on his grave last June.

Irish Tricolor Flag Rocks Memorial

Throughout the winter, during rain and snow storms, and even driving winds, the rocks never moved.  Every time I visited the cemetery — which is at least once or twice a week — the rocks were there.

Until a couple of weeks ago ……  the rocks had started to fade, but they were always right where the grandchildren had placed them ten months ago.  When I arrived at the cemetery during one visit, I immediately saw the rocks were missing.  On either side of my husband’s niche are beds of rocks and so I started looking through those.  To the right of my husband’s niche, I found the rocks our grandchildren had painted.  I, of course, put them back where they belonged.

During my next visit a few days later, the rocks were gone again.  At first I thought, perhaps someone, not realizing the importance of the rocks to our family, might have simply mistaken them for random pebbles and put them back with the others.  But for that to happen twice in a matter of a week?  After they had been sitting there, undisturbed, for months?

This time I found two of the rocks in the rock bed to the left of my husband’s grave, but I was unable to locate the third one.  I gathered up the two I found, along with another new rock, and took them home to be re-painted.

When I arrived at my husband’s niche to replace the newly painted rocks, imagine my surprise to find the third rock I hadn’t been able to find during my last visit — along with another, new rock, which had been painted and placed in the spot where our grandchildrens’ rocks had been!

Obviously this is not some random act.  Someone is purposely taking the rocks painted by my husband’s grandchildren, and then going so far as to replace them with another similar rock.

After everything my husband went through, being alienated from his own children and grandchildren — never even being permitted to meet his youngest grandchild — and then being stricken at such a young age with a terminal disease …… everyone said:  now, perhaps, he can finally rest in peace.

It seems peace is not in the cards at the moment, when momentos lovingly created by the grandchildren he was permitted to have in his life, are being stolen, and then replaced by similar momentos, created by some unknown person?

Who would do such a thing to a grieving family?  And to the grandchildren who were so proud of the creations they had lovingly made for their beloved grandfather?

Taking anything from a grave is theft, of course.  The appropriate authorities have been made aware of the situation.  And they have assured me, in this day and age, where cameras are everywhere, it will not take long to find out who is disturbing my husband’s final resting place.  They have also assured me that charges will be brought once we identify the perpetrator.

Maybe one day soon, I’ll be able to stand in front of my husband’s grave and say:  Rest in Peace my love.   Not yet ….. but soon ……