The end of a chapter – Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation

Today is a special day, its the end of a chapter in my life!!

On a recent routine visit to the Doctors he asked about my family. My doctor has known me for over 10 years now and when he asked me about my children and grandchildren I told him that:

  • I had not been allowed to contact or see my grandson for over 3 years.(12 yrs old)
  • I have a grand daughter I had never seen.(2 yrs old)
  • I have only seen my son for 6 weeks over 25 years (38 yrs old).
  • I have seen very little of my daughter over 25 years (36 yrs old).

When he asked how old my children were he said “do they have psychological problems?” Followed by “it’s their problem, do not let it be yours”!!!!

imagesDeja Vu – I was asked the exact same question 23 years ago by…

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Deceiving the Child about the Targeted Parent’s Feelings in Order to Create Hurt, Resentment, and Psychological Distance

Parental Alienation

Many of the participants were told that the targeted parent did not love them or want them. “She said he didn’t love nobody but himself. He didn’t care about us.” (36) Another participant said, “That’s another thing my mother told me was that my dad didn’t want anything to do with us boys. He just walked away from us.” (34) One woman said “She told me that my father wasn’t my friend at all, that he had contempt for ‘a lout like you.’” (12) Another was told, “I was not important to him. His other kids came first. I was last on his list.” (39) In many cases the alienating parent actually engineered situations to make it appear as if the targeted parent did not care and then used that very situation to convince the child that the parent did not love them. For example, one mother threw away letters…

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Children with Narcissistic Parental Alienation Syndrome

Children with Narcissistic Parental Alienation Syndrome