This blog has been created for the purpose of sharing our situation with an ex-spouse, mother of my husband’s two children.

My husband and his ex have been divorced for over 38 years; we celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary last August; he has not had any contact with his children from this first marriage for many years. Yet we keep seeing comments on the internet, posted by his ex-wife, about him and his family. She claims it is because her children are biologically part of his family, even though they are not emotionally part of it.

While the children were growing up, there were problems with the father maintaining a relationship with his children. Mother did everything in her power to make that relationship non-existent, and she eventually succeeded in doing just that.

After years of no contact with the children (who are now adults), the mother continues to follow us via the internet, searching our current family photos, posting comments about her former in-laws on genealogy sites ….. the list goes on and on. When we discovered a password had been stolen from a private message on facebook and was then distributed among several people, who were viewing our private family photos, the authorities were contacted. They suggested that we document the mother’s behavior over the past 30 years, as well as install tracking devices on our websites.

We have chosen to share our story here, in the hopes that it helps other parents who find it impossible to maintain a relationship with their children because of the children’s other parent.  If you are the victim of parental alienation, you are not alone.

This is our story:

Our Journey Through Parental Alienation



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